Here are a few tips on helping your makeup look its best!

Start out with a clean, dry face.  Apply moisturizer all over your face.

Apply lip balm on your lips.  This is done to let the balm sink into your lips to hydrate them and keep them smooth. It helps reduce cracked and dry looking skin.

After you let your moisturizer sit for a few minutes, apply a primer to your t-zone area. When picking your primer you must be careful to pick one that is not too dry and that will help your foundation go on smoothly.

After these steps you may begin applying your makeup. You will notice smoother application and shine protection.

I recommend applying your lipstick last so that you let the lip balm stay on your lips as long as possible. Right before you are ready to apply your lip color gently dab off your lip balm and then begin applying your color of choice! 

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    Author - Geeta

    Geeta's work can be seen on her website MUArtist.com and she does professional makeup for beauty and fashion.


    June 2012