I am so excited to have my clients look beautiful and feel confident with color on their face! Recently bright eyes are my most requested look. Some feel that when you use color on your face it makes you look clown-like, but if you achieve this look correctly you can look like a knock-out!

The great thing about this look is that it can vary immensely depending on your comfort level.

The ads for bright eye makeup are visually beautiful but are not like what most American woman can wear to work. I would like to give a few usable tips that you can incorporate into your daily lives. 

Almost everyone has black or brown eyeliner. Consider using a Navy blue instead of black and if you use brown try using a dark plum. My favorites are Indigo and Permaplum which are both by M.A.C..

If you don’t usually wear eyeliner try a pop of color on your lashes. Consider going for a blue mascara and maybe even a burgundy.

I know picking eye shadow colors can be intimidating because the options are endless! My recommendation to clients who want a pop of color and don’t want to invest in many colors is going for a canary yellow. My personal favorite is the color Yellow Gold by Makeup Forever. Yellow eye shadow looks good on everyone and is easy to incorporate with your usual shadow colors. 

6/26/2012 12:43:11 pm

I love it!

6/26/2012 08:46:19 pm

Question! Where would you place the yellow eye shadow? All over the lid? Thanks, love these recommendations!

Geeta Namiri
6/26/2012 09:39:38 pm

Where you place the yellow eye shadow all depends on your comfort level.

If you want a more extreme look you could place the yellow shadow all over your lid. But if you are going for a more subtle look, you could place the yellow on your crease line blending up.

Another option could be to place the yellow around your tear duct as as a highlight!

6/26/2012 09:36:16 pm

Great tip! What do you recommend if my eyeshadow creases? Any suggestions to cover up dark circles/ bags under the eyes?

Geeta Namiri
6/26/2012 09:45:19 pm

I will be addressing those issues with great detail shortly : )

6/29/2012 08:16:36 pm

Can you recommend a good mascara brand? I have tried a few, but they all tend to clump up on my eyelashes. Love the advice so far!

7/27/2016 11:58:42 pm

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